Dental implants

At our Dental Clinic in Budapest we provide the dentistry you can trust. We are committed to Quality, Value and Service. We are proud of the way we care for you and the professional dental service we offer. Budapest ranks high on the medical tourism checklist – along with hair transplant tourism dental clinics in Hungary represent high class dental treatment.

Thank you very much for coming to see us – we are taking a fresh approach to dental treatment in Budapest, Hungary – this site is designed to help you make the decision to get in touch with us to discuss your dental needs – we have tried to put you, the patient, at the heart of the site so you can make an informed decision to contact us without being overwhelmed with information – we hope you do, if you do, you will – feel the difference!

Please remember that your requirements are specific to you and a proper course of treatment and the cost can only be established once we have discussed your specific needs with you.

What are your dental needs?

  • Are you looking to boost your confidence and self esteem with a gleaming white smile and even teeth?
  • Perhaps you have visited the dentist in the UK and are facing an enormous bill for dental treatment?
  • Maybe you have not given enough attention to your teeth and gums and you know you need treatment?
  • Whatever your needs our Dental Clinic Budapest will provide you with treatment and care which exceeds your expectations.

Oral hygiene as part of your well being

More and more research is identifying a clear link between healthy teeth and gums and overall wellness and health. Connections with longer life and even life threatening diseases have been established. It has long been understood that oral bacteria seriously weaken the immune system.

“Look after your gums and your gums will look after your teeth!”

Add to this the impact on your confidence of having presentable teeth, healthy gums and clean fresh breath.

Conclusion – the condition of your teeth and gums contribute enormously to your overall health and well being.

So, it is worth investing in the health of your teeth and gums – at the same time, if you can do this at a fraction of the UK cost without compromising on quality then this must be worth considering.

Come and see us for a free consultation

dental treatment in Hungary

Cosmetic dentistry at its best – Hungary

Combine a beautiful city break with an absolutely free dental check up – x-rays, clean and polish, dental examination and treatment plan.

UK Dental prices slashed! At the top of this page you will find some sample prices for the most common treatments – these will give you an indication of how much you can save by coming to Hungary with us.

Please remember, you will receive the highest quality dental materials, technical support and treatment for this reduced price.

How is this possible? – It is fair to say that dental treatment in the UK is very expensive indeed. The cost of living is lower in Hungary and running a dental practice is significantly cheaper than in the UK. We are able to pass all these savings back to you with our competitive pricing.

If you are making a price comparison please contact us for a quote so we can be sure you are comparing identical treatments and materials.