Treatment abroad

Our Budapest Dental Clinic offers you state of the art dentistry plus a service / price experience which cannot be beaten.

If you already know the treatment you need we can organise a treatment plan for you and give you a quote for the work. If you wish to proceed then we can arrange your appointment, accommodation and transfers so that your dental treatment abroad becomes a flawless process. Hungary offers great value for dental treatment abroad – you can save quite a lot!

If you are interested in purely cosmetic dentistry then, again, we can move directly towards giving you a quote and making an appointment.

If you need a consultation before undergoing treatment then we can offer you two options:

We can send a panoramic x-ray* and /or digital photographs to Budapest for a first analysis. The diagnosis from these images would be sufficient to determine whether or not you can save on your dental treatment by traveling to Budapest.

The price quoted for treatment based on this information would be indicative only and could be more or less in reality. This would be discussed with you once a personal examination had taken place.

If you are attracted by a City Break to Budapest then we can offer you a FREE consultation whilst you are there. All you need to do is put a couple of hours to one side and take a cab to the clinic where you will have:

  • Free x-ray
  • Free Consultation/Treatment Plan
  • Free scale and polish

We would arrange your consultation time for you. This is absolutely without obligation to you and clearly offers you the chance to meet our medical team prior to embarking on further treatment.

Your dental treatment

You will always receive a clear treatment plan from us and the cost will be clearly indicated. Where you have options (eg. bridge vs. implant or different types of materials) the pros and cons will be explained to you and you can choose which option you would like. If, during your treatment other needs arise or additional work is identified you will be immediately informed and asked how you would like to proceed.

When you come to Budapest for your treatment you will receive cosmetic dentistry of the most up to date standard in a modern, friendly and professional environment.

Our Budapest Dental Clinic offers you the entire suite of dental treatments form reconstruction to cosmetic dentistry. Their aim is to always ensure the health of your teeth and gums.